Dominic Monkhouse about scaling up, great leadership and how to keep your focus

Dominic Monkhouse about scaling up, great leadership and how to keep your focus

Purpose is the pitch Episode N° 24 with Dominic Monkhouse and Konstantin Schimert.

Dominic is on a mission to demystify business growth. He has a track record scaling up two UK technology companies from zero revenue to £30m in less than five years.

He now helps ambitious business leaders achieve fast and sustainable growth by building high performing teams. Dominic has cows, dogs, geese, small children, chickens and pigs down on the farm. Dominic has an MSc in Agricultural and Food Marketing from Newcastle University and an MBA from Sheffield

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In this episode, we discussed the following topics, among others:

00:00 Intro 
00:34 Dominic’s life on a farm 
03:16 All about Dominic Monkhouse’s life 
06:35 In your words, what is scaling up? 
12:04 The more employees you have, the worse the toilets look 
17:14 How to break out of negative behavior patterns 
21:00 Dominic’s experience with great leadership 
28:57 How to identify and understand your core customer as a company 
37:04 How to use the Scaling Up Framework as a company in the current times 
43:54 What is the meaning behind the book title „F**K Plan B“? 
49:46 How to keep your focus as a company 
57:20 Behind the scenes of Dominic’s podcast 
01:08:33 What is Dominic’s big goal in life? 
01:14:36 What does Dominic want for his next 15 years? 
01:16:49 If you had one year to live, would you still be working? 
01:20:17 What does friendship mean to you? 
01:25:37 If you had one wish, what would it be?

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